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Everybody can play the piano (English)

De autobiografie van Eddie Engels komt voor de feestdagen in de winkel.

Het grote moment is aangebroken om mijn autobiografie aan de wereld te tonen.
Na een jaar van zwoegen aan de computer en redigeerwerk van Irene Ypenburg
gaan wij samen met uitgeverij Elikser van Jitske Kingma mijn levenswerk aan het publiek laten zien.

De titel van mijn boek is: “Hartstocht en Jazz” en het gaat uiteraard over mijn onrustige leven met
tien vrouwen en mijn zeer positieve muziekcarrière tot op dit moment.
Wij houden jullie op de hoogte zodra het boek in aantocht is in de winkel.

Met muzikale groetjes, Eddie Engels



Trumpeter and pianist Eddie Engels is teaching again in Heerenveen.

After 2 years of deep thinking Eddie has found a perfect way of both to study trumpet as well as to study piano.

Concerning trumpet he discovered a warming up method which is actually a new way for all amateur and professional trumpet players. Eddie needed also this time for preparing himself to write a book devoted especially to piano playing. We come to this later on.

1958 - Eddie started his musical education at the Amsterdam Conservatory with Wim Groot (first trumpeter of the "Concertgebouw Orchestra").

Van 1960-1965:
Eddie played in various orchestra's in American clubs in Germany and France.

In 1965-1988:
Eddie played in the following orchestra's for Radio and TV stations in Hilversum (Holland):
Metropole Orchestra, Vara Dance Orchestra, Skymasters, Rogier van Otterloo Orchestra, Bert Paige Orchestra, Harry van Hoof Orchestra, Boy Edgar Orchestra, Herman Schoonderwalt Orchestra, Ruud Bos Orchestra, a.o.

In 1967:
with the orchestra of Ruud Bos the musical “De Stunt”
On tour through the Netherlands. (with Jasperina de Jong and Willem Nijholt) Incl. LP recording.

Louis van Dijk
In 1968:
Playing different concerts and 2 LP recordings (church music) with organist Louis van Dijk.

In 1969 en 1973:
Concerts with the E.B.U. Big Band in Amsterdam and Oslo (Norway).

In 1969 en 1975:
Eddie played as soloist with the ballet of the "Netherland Dance Theatre" in Paris, London and Venice (Italy). (incl. Herman Schoonderwalt, Rudy Brink, John Engels).

Theo Loevendie
In 1970:
Touring with the Theo Loevendie Consort and LP recording in Warsaw (Poland).

Frans Elsen
Van 1971-1975:
Eddie worked with the Frans Elsen-Piet Noorddijk septet (incl. Ferdinand Povel and Bart van Lier).

In 1971:
Concerts and LP recording in Warsaw (Poland) with the orchestra
of Krystof Sadowsky and Wladimir Nahorny.

Dusko Goykovic Big Band
In 1971:
Touring with the Dusko Goykovic Big Band (incl. Rolf Ericson, Heinz von Hermann, Ack van Rooijen, Dick Vennik and Ferdinand Povel) in Yugoslavia and Romania.

James Last
In 1975:
Touring with the James Last Big Band in Holland and Germany.

Werner Muller
Werner Muller & Eddie Engels

In 1971:
Touring with the Werner Muller Orchestra with strings in Japan. (incl. Jiggs Wigham).

And Let The Music Play
In 1974:
Recording - "And Let The Music Play" - Greetje Kauffeld
(Jerry van Rooyen - Rob Pronk Big Band *
Polydor 2480-228 / 1974, Germany)

In 1975:
Touring Germany with the Peter Herboltzheimer Big Band and recording.
(Palle Mikkelborg, Ron Simmonds, Eddie Engels, Art Farmer).

In 1975:
Touring in Lubliana (Yugoslavia) with the Peter Herboltzheimer Big Band plus recording. (Eddie Engels, Frank Rosolino, Jiggs Whigham & Ferdinand Povel).

Slide Hampton

In 1975:

Touring with Slide Hampton - Joe Haider Big Band
(incl. Sal Nestico, Idrees Sulliman, Billy Brooks, Erik van Lier, Bobby Burcher, Joe Haider & Ferdinand Povel).

Slide Hampton

In 1975:
Touring with Slide Hampton - Joe Haider Big Band
(incl. Sal Nestico, Idrees Sulliman, Billy Brooks, Erik van Lier, Bobby Burcher, Joe Haider & Ferdinand Povel).

Boy Edgar
In 1975:
Recording - Boy Edgar Big Band - Music Was His Mistress (Hvhaast 022)
(with: Bennie Bailey, Frank Rosolino, Slide Hampton, Jiggs whigham en Ferdinand Povel).

Bette Middler

In 1978:
Various concerts with the Bette Middler show in Holland and Belgium.

Berklee School of Music
In 1976:
Obtaining diploma arranging and composition from the Berklee School of Music (USA).

Bubbling Brown Sugar
In 1978:
Lead trumpet and soloist in the "Bubbling Brown Sugar" musical in Amsterdam.

Van 1979-2000:
Started his teacher career for trumpet and arranging at the Conservatory's of The Hague, Zwolle and Groningen.

Jimmy Knepper LP
In 1979:
Recording with Jimmy Knepper (trombone), John Engels and Nico Bunnink.

Ruud Brink
In 1983:
Touring in Finland with Rudy Brink (tenor) & Cees Smal (trombone).

Paulo Moura
In 1984:
Solo recording LP in Rio de Janeiro (Brasil) with Paulo Moura (saxophone).

Henk Meutgeert
In 1985:
Touring with the Netherland Concert Jazz Band of Henk Meutgeert. (incl. TV recording).

Dick Vennik
In 1985:
Working with his new Quintet incl. John Engels, Eef Albers, Dick Vennik, Victor Kaihatu.

Claudio roditi
In 1986-1992:
Different concerts with Claudio Roditi (trumpet).

New Beginning CD
In 1995:
Solo CD "New Beginning" with his own label "Habiba-Music" with Claudio Roditi, Rob van Kreeveld, Jacques Schols and John Engels.

Eddie Engels Big Band
In 1998:

Starting of the Eddie Engels Big Band.

Benny Bailey
In 1999:
The first CD of the Eddie Engels Big Band. (incl Benny Bailey on trumpet).

Harry Emmery
In 1999:
The Eddie Engels Trio (Bossaboy's) with Thomas Hilbrandie & Harry Emmery.

In 2000 - now:
Teaching individual students on trumpet and piano as well as performing as a trumpet soloist in various small groups and Big Bands.

Starting a new duo group with Eddie on piano and Jannie Brandsma (singer).

Playing Friday and Saturday as a piano entertainer in Haje Hotel/Restaurant in Heerenveen.

Bart van Lier, Slide Hampton and Eddy Engels, Groningen, Netherlands 2008

As you have read Eddie Engels has done everything what a trumpet player could do on trumpet area. He is thus considered as one of the most experienced musicians of the world, concerning his improvising and good functioning in a Big Band.

One of the great trumpet players of this world Benny Bailey (79 years), finds Eddie one of the best soloist who lives at this moment on the world. Eddie Engels is very proud of this remark and thinks that there is no better trumpeter than Benny Bailey who has so much techniques and great embouchure in his possession.

Benny has played (on first trumpet) in the orchestras of Jay McShann, Dizzy Gillespie, Lionel Hampton, Count Basie, Duke Elington, etc. as well as in the fifty's in the Kenny Clarke/Francy Boland Big Band as lead and soloist. Furthermore, Benny has worked in Sweden, Switzerland, Germany (Max Greger Orchestra).

From this period Benny and Eddie came to know each other and later on while working with Boy Edgar and various TV and radio recordings in Holland.

Now the moment comes to write about Eddie's talents in piano playing and his unique teaching method. Those who have already some experience and knowledge of chords and scales will adjust themselves faster to the teaching system of Eddie.

Of course reading a melody is also important. Eddie in a wonderful manner let the students to play in a best way the symbols relating to the melody in piano. At later stage he will inspire the student to play improvisations concerning the melody. It is ideal of course for singers and other instrumentalists who will be able to analyse and play there song first on piano before they practise them on there own instrument. This way Eddie has analysed and played always firstly his solo's on piano before he studies them on trumpet. And he still does it.

At a first visit to Eddie Engels, he will firstly give the person a small test to see if he/she is, however, suitable for Eddie's course. Eddie doesn't like to keep a student just for the tuition fees, what much happens with other music teachers. The future of a student is for Eddie much more important. It gives a super feeling of proud to Eddie, if his student has success in his or her career. Fore more information concerning this course (trumpet or piano) you can contact him with this phone numbers: 0513-610005 or 06-22601742.
Also you can have a look at: www.eddieengels.com or write to eddie.engels@hetnet.nl

If you like to buy one of Eddie's CD's you can order to his e-mail address or phone to him. Also his books about piano and trumpet playing are coming up soon.
The books about the arranging course are available now for € 30,= each book.

This was a summery of some newspaper articles of 10 march 2005. On 14 April 2005 Benny Bailey unfortunately died. We (and especially me) will miss him very much.
Benny Bailey is honoured not only as a wonderful trumpet player but also as a special beautiful person.

foto © Linda Burmeister
Last Post for Benny Bailey
Last honor to Benny Bailey in the auditorium of the crematorium in Amsterdam.
photo ©
Evert Elzinga - translation: Mohammed Akbar Safdari


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