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Alberda, AlbertMail to > Alberda, Albert071 - 5157068
Andreise, HansMail to > Andreise, Hans020 - 6976299

Baas, RobertMail to > Robert Baas020 - 4961935
Bie, Frans deMail to > Frans de Bie0223 - 642667
Blaakmeer-de Vries, AkkieMail to > Blaakmeer-de Vries, Akkie0527 - 697789
Cherie de Boer
Boer, Cherie deMail to > Boer, Cherie de0343 - 533787
Bosman, SittaMail to > Sitta Bosman

Bruin, GertieMail to > Gertie Bruin050 - 5415265

Bruijs, Peter


Cornelissen, Rik06 24229690 (Accordeonist | Muziekdocent | Componist | Arrangeur)


Dam, Jean Louis vanMail to > Jean Louis van Dam036 - 5386288 > 06 14636300

Deutekom, MartinMail to > Martin Deutekom
Driessen, BenMail to > Ben Driessen077 - 4673290


Egmond, Anne van (FaceBook)
Enkhuizen, Joe vanMail to > Joe van Enkhuizentenorsax/accordion
Tonny Eyk
Eyk, TonnyMail to > Eyk's manager

Eyck, Jos vanMail to > Eyck, Jos van

Feitsma, RomkeMail to > Romke Feitsma0517 - 591079
Figaroa, ShahairaMail to > Figaroa, Shahaira013 - 4563428
Fleurbaay, BertMail to > Fleurbaay, Bert0118 - 552667

Goede, Eddy deMail to > Eddy de Goede035 - 6022772
Govers, HarryMail to > Harry Govers06 45836244
Groener, ThijsMail to > Groener, Thijs0541 - 352378
Jan-Pierre Guiran
Guiran, Jean-PierreMail to > Guiran, Jean-Pierre0343 - 513432

Heijenk, KarinMail to > Heijenk, Karin
NihadMail to > Hrustanbegovic, Nihad06 19578893


Jong, Evert deMail to > Evert de Jong0513 - 541515

Kasik, PeterMail to > Peter Kasik

Kokkeler, MoniqueMail to > Monique Kokkeler06 41063498

Carel Kraayenhof
Kraayenhof, CarelMail to > Carel0299 - 690821 (bandeon)


Rene Laanen
Laanen, Rene (4 years old)


Mat Mathews
Mathews, Math (1924-2009)
Throughout his career, Math Mathews fought an uphill battle to get the accordion accepted in bop-oriented jazz. He learned to play music during the Nazi occupation, and after the war ended, Mathews was inspired to play jazz when he heard a radio broadcast of Joe Mooney. He worked locally in Holland including most notably with the Millers from 1947-50. After moving to New York in 1952, he put together a quartet that for a time featured (and introduced) the young Herbie Mann on flute and tenor. Mathews' other sidemen included Art Farmer, Julius Watkins, Joe Puma, Oscar Pettiford, Percy Heath and Kenny Clarke. In addition to making records as a leader, Mathews also recorded with Carmen McRae from 1954-55. By the end of the decade he was mostly working as a studio musician, and in 1964 Mathews returned to the Netherlands. His importance to jazz greatly lessened as he has primarily worked in the studios as a player, arranger and producer, but Mathews' performances in the 1950s made a strong case for the accordion in jazz. Mathews recorded as a leader for the Dutch Van Wouw label (four titles in 1944), Brunswick (1953-54), Dawn (1956), Savoy (a 1957 date with four French horn players), Verve (live at Newport in 1957), JJM, Design and, back in the Netherlands, Ariola (1975). ~ Scott Yanow, All Music Guide

Johnny Meijer
Meijer, Johnny (1912-1992)

Harry Mooten
Mooten, Harry (1928-1996)

Mulder, LeoMail to > Leo Mulder015 - 2560897 > 06 12222470
Michel Mulder
Mulder, Michel Mulder (bandoneon)

Nijhof, JeroenMail to > Jeroen Nijhof (with lots of Accordion-links!)


Orsouw, Coen van (1920 - 2009)

Pico, Henri JeanMail to > Henri-Jean06 45836244


Roskam, IlseMail to > Ilse Roskam
Rudolph, MartinMail to > Rudolph, Martin030 - 2322281 > 06 48255662 (piano/accordion)

Ruiswijk, Gert vanMail to > Ruiswijk, Gert van026 - 3234534



Trok, Rene


Verbiest, Romy

Vrolijk, AndréMail to > Vrolijk, Andre06 55864208




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